Sam Lim: From Tour Guide to Real Estate Agent, a Story of Skill and Persistence

Success Comes to Those Who Are Ready for Opportunities

Sam Lim, a family man born in the 1980s, is married and has two lovely children. His career has taken many twists and turns, but he eventually found his true calling as a real estate agent.

Starting with Uncertainty

Sam Lim graduated from KK High School and, in 2005, completed a diploma in Business and Information Technology. However, after getting his diploma, in 2006, he took an unexpected turn and enrolled in a course to become a certified tour guide. This marked the beginning of his 13-year career in the tour guide industry, where he eventually became a tour guide manager, responsible for coordinating tour groups.

During his time as a tour guide, Sam realized that it was physically demanding and that income was directly tied to the effort he put in. He wanted to diversify his skills and explore other fields. Just before the pandemic hit, he decided to take a real estate agent course and officially entered the real estate industry.

He believed that real estate offered a broader network compared to the limited circle of the tour guide industry. As a tour guide, he mainly interacted with other tour guides and foreign tourists, but real estate allowed him to connect with people from various backgrounds.

Proactive Success

While working as a tour guide manager, Sam Lim saw the travel industry freeze due to the pandemic’s impact. He took the initiative to learn about the real estate sector and joined IQI Realty, a real estate agency. He was mentored by his uncle, Abby Tan, who was a successful real estate agent. Starting as a newcomer in the real estate world, he learned the ropes through role-playing and gradually gained the necessary knowledge.

He remembered inviting more than 20 people to a real estate preview event through Facebook. Unfortunately, the event coincided with pandemic news, and only four attendees showed up. However, this setback didn’t discourage them; in fact, it showed that a positive perspective is crucial for success. Four people still attending despite the circumstances was a promising sign.

Sam shared his first real estate deal, which he completed in May 2020. He saw an ad in the newspaper from someone looking to sell their property, so he proactively contacted the seller. Through a friend’s recommendation, he successfully closed a deal on a property worth RM 700,000, which boosted his confidence.

As the pandemic confined people to their homes, he turned to virtual platforms for real estate viewings using Zoom and shared property information through live broadcasts on Facebook. He stressed the importance of sharing, as he believed that true learning comes from sharing knowledge with others.

With people staying home during the pandemic, Sam started making short real estate promotional videos for YouTube and Facebook, becoming a local real estate influencer unintentionally. In 2021, he actively participated in roadshows and ventured into the secondary property market in 2022.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite his achievements, Sam acknowledged that his real estate career had its share of challenges. He went through several months without any transactions and even considered changing careers. However, his determination and desire to succeed kept him going. He learned an important lesson: during tough times, focus on self-improvement and gaining deeper knowledge in the real estate industry, and maintain open communication with mentors.

He also highlighted the unwavering support from his wife during this period. Her encouragement played a crucial role in his decision to persist and overcome challenges. Challenges can be overcome with the right mindset.

Building a Personal Brand for a Competitive Edge

Sam has embraced online platforms for real estate sales and is preparing to host real estate seminars to freely share his knowledge with newcomers. He firmly believes that personal branding is the future trend and the best way to stay competitive.

In the IQI Realty company, he has received numerous accolades, including the “Million Dollar Achiever,” and in 2022, he was promoted to “Team Leader.”

Conclusion: Sam Lim’s career is a story of unwavering determination and resilience. Transitioning from a tour guide to a real estate agent, he overcame various obstacles with professionalism and dedication. His journey teaches us that in times of hardship, one should focus on self-improvement because opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.







结语: 林昇宏的职业生涯是一个充满坚持和奋斗的故事。从导游到地产中介,他以专业和执着的态度克服了许多困难,取得了令人瞩目的成功。他的经验告诉我们,在低谷期,不要放弃,而是要加强自己的准备,因为机会总是留给那些有准备的人。

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