Stev Yap: Building A Dream Team with IQI Realty : Exploring The Success Secrets Of Real Estate Intermediaries


In the business world, the path to success is often filled with twists and challenges. A young individual from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, has successfully built a substantial real estate intermediary team named “IQI SIFU SABAH Property team.” The founder of this team has not only achieved remarkable success in the real estate industry but has also made significant contributions to social work. Let’s delve into his story, unveil the secrets of his success, and understand how he created a dream team.

From Small Businesses to Real Estate: Focusing on the Team’s Future

The entrepreneurial journey of real estate intermediary Stev Yap was far from ordinary. He previously worked as an event planner and later transitioned to working as a wholesale mobile phone salesman. However, unwilling to settle for mediocrity, he ventured into entrepreneurship after several years of work. He managed up to four phone stores, a toy shop, and a clothing store. However, during the peak of his business endeavors, he realized that the costs of running these stores were rising while profits remained stagnant. Simultaneously, the mobile phone business was scaling down due to increasing costs. It was during this period that he recognized the importance of developing a team-oriented industry for long-term stability. He began exploring direct sales and the insurance sector. In April 2019, he stumbled upon IQI Realty, a real estate company that prioritized team development. After thorough consideration, he decided to join IQI Realty, a team-focused real estate company, fully immersing himself in the real estate industry. For him, this transition wasn’t just a career change but also a shift in mindset, allowing him to focus exclusively on one industry.

Establishing IQI SIFU SABAH Property team: Rising Above the Competition

Shortly after fully immersing himself in the real estate intermediary industry, an unexpected global pandemic, the COVID-19 outbreak, occurred in 2020. The government subsequently imposed movement restrictions. While this sudden announcement left many feeling disheartened and uncertain about the future, Stev saw an opportunity. He believed that the real estate industry was highly competitive and required the creation of a brand to stand out. The movement restrictions provided him with a time window to establish his brand, “SIFU SABAH Property.” He aimed to offer an alternative for those interested in the real estate business, thereby creating a unique identity for himself and his team. Stev spared no expense on advertising and even purchased radio airtime to promote his brand, enhancing his and his team’s credibility.

Focus on Goals and Mindset: Keys to Success

Stev’s philosophy is simple: don’t overcomplicate things and don’t hesitate—take action to see results. He emphasizes that the real estate industry doesn’t require substantial capital, so there’s no need to worry about the worst-case scenario. He encourages team members to see themselves as personal brands, and he emphasizes that investing in building a strong personal brand is essential to stand out in a highly competitive environment. No effort means no reward.

Facing Difficulties and Challenges

Stev has also faced difficulties and challenges. He believes that every industry has its problems, and choosing an industry means overcoming those challenges to achieve greater success. He suggests that maintaining a positive mindset is crucial. When people encounter problems they can’t solve and allow it to affect their mood, it leads to a negative cycle, compounding the issues. Therefore, he emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, promptly adjusting one’s mood, and not letting one problem affect the handling of the next. A clear goal helps maintain a stable mindset, enabling individuals to positively confront upcoming challenges.

Dealing with Clients: Care and Resonance

In handling clients’ properties, Stev treats their properties as his own, aligning their needs with his. He strives to provide more value than the average real estate intermediary, with the goal of building trust and ensuring a worry-free property transaction. He believes that intermediaries should provide added value rather than focusing solely on their commissions.

Team Success: Leadership, Support, and Common Goals

Today, IQI SIFU SABAH Property team has grown to over 200 members. Leading such a large team requires unwavering commitment and leading by example, according to Stev. He believes that leaders must lead by example and persevere. He gives an example that he consistently holds training sessions, regardless of the number of attendees, as consistency garners support. The team’s core values are clear: personal success must translate into collective success, and team members must be valued. The primary goal is straightforward—motivating team members to pursue larger objectives.

Education and Action: Cultivating a Successful Team

Stev admits that his team’s approach to education is unconventional. When a new member joins his team, he doesn’t immediately teach them skills but focuses on adjusting their mindset and goals. He emphasizes the need to be passionate about the industry, as clients won’t trust someone who doesn’t identify as a professional real estate intermediary. He encourages aspiring individuals, including team members, to have grand visions and goals and to prioritize personal development alongside professional skills.

Proof of Success

At IQI Realty, Stev was named the National Best Newcomer in 2019 and achieved outstanding sales rankings in the real estate field. Additionally, he excelled in social work, serving as the Youth Leader of the Sabah Nan Ann Association, Youth committee at United Sabah Chinese Communities Association of Kota Kinabalu, Youth committee at Federation of Sabah and Labuan Hokkien Association and etc.


Stev’s story teaches us that the key to success lies in clear goals, unwavering beliefs, a stable mindset, and care for both the team and clients. True success is achieved when everyone succeeds together.


在商界,成功的路上往往充满了曲折和挑战。一个来自于纳闽的普通年轻人,却成功地在亚庇打造了一个庞大的地产中介团队,并将其命名为”IQI SIFU SABAH Property team”。这个团队的创始人不仅在地产行业取得了辉煌的成绩,还在社会工作领域有出色的表现。让我们一起深入了解他的故事,揭示成功的秘诀,以及他如何打造一个梦想之队。


这位地产中介Stev Yap的创业之路并不平凡。他曾任职于一间活动策划公司担任活动策划师,后来成为批发手提电话业务员,而不甘平凡的他,也在工作数年后开始从商,经营了高达4间电话店、一间玩具店和一间衣服店。然而,在生意的高峰期,他意识到开店的本钱越来越高,利润却没有相应提升,而电话店的生意也开始因为成本逐渐高企而开始缩小规模。这个时候,他开始意识到如果生意要长治久安,应该要发展一个具有团队性质的行业,并开始接触直销业和保险业。直到2019年4月,他的机会来临,他偶然间认识了IQI Realty这地产公司,随着深入了解后,发现到这个是一个讲求团队发展的生意,于是他做出了一个决定就是加入了IQI Realty,一个团队性质的地产公司,从此投身于地产行业。当他越投入地产事业,他就越来越少时间在其他的事业上,经过了一番深思熟虑,他果断的结束了之前的事业,全身心投入地产中介行业。对他来说,全职投身地产行业不仅是改变职业方向,而是调整心态,以专注从事一项行业。

创立IQI SIFU SABAH Property team:从竞争中脱颖而出

就在他全职投入地产中介行业之际,不到半年的时间,2020年,一场全球大流行病新冠病毒爆发,政府随之宣布了行动限制令,这突如其来的宣布让很多人感到丧气和前路茫茫,但是Stev却看到了机会。他认为,地产行业是一个竞争激烈的行业,要在竞争中脱颖而出,需要创造一个品牌,而行动管制令正正提供了他一个时间窗口来建立一个属于他自己的品牌。于是,他成立了”IQI SIFU SABAH Property team”,为想要发展地产生意的人提供了另一种选择,从而为自己和团队建立了独特的身份。于是他不惜重金投资于广告宣传甚至买下电台时段播放其品牌广告,将Sifu Sabah推向市场,从而增强了自己和团队的可信度。


成功不仅取决于你选择的行业,还取决于你的心态和决心。Stev选择了地产行业,因为他相信这是一个每个人都需要的行业, 他了解到,要赚大钱,就必须销售高价值的产品,所以选择了地产行业。他的想法很简单:不要过于复杂,不要过于犹豫,要开始行动才能看到结果。他强调地产行业不需要大本钱,因此不必担心最坏的情况。他鼓励团队成员将自己个人视为一个品牌,你必须投资在自己身上建立一个良好的个人品牌才能在竞争激烈环境中脱颖而出,没有付出就没有收获。


Stev 也有经历困难和挑战的时候,但是他会和自己对话-什么行业都会遇到问题,你选择这个行业就要克服那个问题才会做更大,不要把问题当问题,而是把问题当经验。




如今,IQI SIFU SABAH Property Team已经超过200人,但如何领导这样庞大的团队呢?Stev认为,领袖必须以身作则,坚持不懈。他举例说无论他的训练会只有两个人还是多少人,他都坚持召开,因为只有坚持才能赢得支持。



Stev 坦言他团队教育方法与众不同。一个新人加入他的团队,他不会先教授技巧,反而是先调整他的心态和目标。他强调,如果你不敢告诉别人你是个专业的地产中介,客户如何信任你,你必须热爱这个行业,才能在其中取得成功。所以他鼓励所有有志要正在地产行业发展的人包括其团队成员就是你的格局和目标要大,要先学会做人才学做事,很多人一开始就只想学做事而忽略做人的基本态度,这样就无法把事办成,你不能只是关心自己的利益而忽略他人的利益。


在IQI Realty,他成为2019年全国最佳新人,随后在地产销售排名中取得出色的成绩。此外,他还在社会工作方面表现出色,担任沙巴南安会馆青年团长,亚庇华人同乡会馆联合会青年团理事,沙巴及纳闽福建会馆联合会青年团理事等等。


Stev的故事告诉我们,成功的关键在于清晰的目标, 坚定的信念,稳定的心态,以及对团队和客户的关怀。一个人的成功不是成功,真正的成功是全部人一起成功才是成功。

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